escapeism :

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"the tendency to seek distraction and relief from unpleasant realities especially by seeking entertainment or engaging in fantasy."

that is probably the best way to define my state of condition. I'm in such a pickle right now and is trying to get my shit (ups) together. So I apologize if I may have forgotten to answer any of your questions or possibly stop by your blog..I'll try my best to keep up though :)

Awhile back Anastasya from Life around my closet and Fian from Phie emotions kindly passed this award to me..

The Happy 101 and Positive Energy awards
Thanks ladies!

Along with it, I was asked to list the things that makes me happy. Apparently I get happy from a bunch of stuff but since i'm only allowed to 10 things, well here they are then:

1.going on adventures 2.quality time 3.a good joke most likely something witty 4.Roller coaster rides 5.stuffing myself with french fries dipped in Ben and Jerry's cookie dough..yum! (sorry if it sounds disgusting though) 6.captivating photography 7.a nice game of saboteur, chapsa or charades 8.dressing up 9.inspiring quotes 10.any water related activities

Let's see who should I pass this on to?? how about to all you blogerette's out there :)
a cheers to countless of happiness and positive energy to your days ahead..


Fashion Tidbits said...

sending lovely karma vibes to you! :) is karma is "sendable"

devishanty said...

and you really good at captivating photography, girl, i love ur photo :)
anwyay, i'm moving to new url. relink pleeease if u don't mind? thank you ;)

Talia said...

very nice blazer. so chic and feminine. I like the way you put it together with casual clothes ;)
best regards!

Julls said...

blazer blazer blazer :X

Ugly Cute said...

great blog, love your classic outfit!


fhen said...

really love this look!
high five i love photography too :)
i've just follow and link you
mind to follow me back? ;)
happy weekend

Mimi said...

I like your blazer!

Congrats on the award (: I love roller coasters too. Such a thrill and rush of emotion. I love screaming in general!

Diane said...

Hy, congrats on the award. I know what you mean by escapeism, for me the blog is a great way of doing this ;)

Have a fun day


A N A S T A S Y A said...

I love the color tone of the outfit! charming!

Sab said...

fab jacket ;)

xx Sab

Queen of Mayhem said...

awesome post! i really like your blazer...

Raji said...

Your blazer is lovely.
I've never tried French fries in Ben&Jerry's Cookie dough, but a combination of my two favourite things in the world... I should give it a go.

Your blog is awesomee :)

tailorstitch said...

"stuffing myself with french fries dipped in Ben and Jerry's cookie dough..yum!" not gross at all! i used to eat chips with soft cookies so yummy i used to call them chocolate chips lol

Mary Jane said...

you cannot imagine how much i love the red-purple color combo!!! its so theatrical and vibrant! loving it!
following you! follow me back if you want :D

bunnyhead said...

thanks for visiting my blog! Love the outfit!

Gizelle said...

very nice and classic outfit..
good color combo too..

hey, hang in there...


FIAN said...

hi dear,,so proud that you done the award.. :)

love the blazer,,your boots is great too,,

just visit my blog,, <3


Mary Jane said...

oh and i added you to my blogroll!!!

Julia said...

Love the outfit! The colors are great. I enjoyed reading the 10 things that make you happy.


.Maree said...

blazer = HOTTTT!