Does fashion still matters?

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I'm very much still hibernating at the moment and haven't been in the dressing up mood lately, sweats and hoodies have completely taken over my life hence the lack of outfit pictures. At least, the snow is practically gone now but instead were replaced by dark clouds (a bit ironic isn't it as to how my pictures turned out to be so bright in the end and I didn't even use my photoshop skills either ;p) ..no fun!! It's already bad enough we have to deal with the cold but rain and wind just makes it even worse. Since it seems that spring is still no where in sight and obviously I won't be able to wear these heels out anytime soon, so I thought I'll just wear them in the comfort of my own room instead :)

Oohh and regarding the question I used on my title post, well here's an interview taken from the commonwealth club last year of American Vogue fashion news and feature's director, Sally Singer. It's an old interview and the interview goes for about an a hour but I found it mostly fascinating especially the part where she insinuated a level of dissent to the idea as to why people consider fashion to be somewhat intimidating. I know it might sound confusing when I come to explain it so I suggest you have a look at this interview yourself then.

For the full interview just click here
Have a pleasant weekend!


Diane said...

Thanks so much for posting this video!

Btw, the shoes are so cool!


devishanty said...

love those heels!

♥Lola said...

Love your shoes, they are so pretty!

daisychain said...

amazing shoes!

Leah said...

Love the colors of your ensemble... the yellow and the purple are so fab together. xoxo

A N A S T A S Y A said...

I don't know if your post here is related to the famous fashion hatred article in The Guardians written by Tanya Gold. But I kinda find it linked, and I surely learn so much about Fashion Philosophy today :)

first in Bryanboy's, on Tavi's, then on your blog. I learn that there's so much side of fashion, what you read on magz, you see on tv is just one side of it. That fashion is serving any kind of people.

thanks for your great share here, D.


Hello girl!

I love your mix of colors, so well done!!!

Thanks a million for being around,

all my kisses,


A N A S T A S Y A said...

ahh yaa, yes I'm quoting from Miley songs on my comment in your prev post.

Nana said...

i love the glasses and the yellow cardigan

Kahlilia said...

I search and recently came across your blog and have been reading along. It was wonderful blog.



Gizelle said...

love the texture and color of your top...and those heels are delish!


Diya said...

those shoes are SO vibrant and pretty!!

I've recently started a fashion blog and would LOVE it if you checked it out/exchanged links with me. :)


MyStrawberryCocktail said...

love your style girl! stunning!

blackecstasy said...

wow! i love ur shoes and your knit dress , i love the details :)
btw i've linked ur blog and followed u~
have a nice weekend :))

yudia aiiu

HeatherClark said...

wow a really interesting interview! thanks for sharing

nice pictures as well. love the scarf and shoes

Krimly said...

lov the jumper and the heels so much!!


Lexi Colby said...

SUCH pretty shoes, i love them!
you look great here as well xxx

Pia said...

i love everything in that first picture!

Anonymous said...

that jumper is great...actually i love your whole outfit! i want to wear winter clothes...so sick of the heat!

StuddedLilly said...

loving the outfit and how it looks in the picture, love the colors!!


Viva La Fashion said...

the color of your sweater is amazing! i love it! :)

Tayler said...

I love the shoes and chunky sweater!


Elaine said...

Great video!

Love the shoes and the yellow-purple combo! The sweater looks soo comfy.


FIAN said...

your shoes is very very great! like it too much dear!

and yes, i give you something again on my blog,,check it y dear... <3

nuheila said...

Love your shoes<3

Have a fab week!


Diya said...

wow, cute! i am in need of some cute sweaters.

Anyway, I've added you to my blog links. :)


Karoline said...

It is impressing that you can look so good in yellow!


Katie said...

those shoes are gorgeous and colorful and i love them.. and like karoline said above.. that sso awesome that you can pull off yellow!

monica w said...

love the aldo shoes.

fashion matters for the same reason that art and gourmet cuisine matter - because it makes people happy.

Anonymous said...

i love the shoes
adorable patterns
such a chic look
thanks for sharing as always
and thanks for your sweet comment, i really do appreciate it!


Angie said...

I like your pictures, you rock it! where are you from? i really love your pictures from vietnam...

LaurenSchoon said...

Those shoes are adorable!!

anne charlotte said...

great pics! LOVE the shoes, and that yellow looks fantastic on you!

Deborah said...

i love your look!

Anonymous said...

those heels are amazing love the bolors!

Isquisofrenia said...

hey girl, love all this colors and keep posting outfits!

verseastyle said...

Love your shoes! .... and the blue in your hair :)

GRICIA said...

honey i love the shoes!reminds me with Aldo..anyway u've got a tag award from me..do visit my blog key!


michelle_ said...

i love these shots !
you look good in yellow very much !
and i freakin' adore your shoes !

thanks soo much for dropping by at my blog :D
hope you'll check out my new post up now :D

love . michelle @ GLISTERS&BLISTERS

the girl in grey said...

Ahh yes fashion still matters.
[thank you for commenting my blog]


I'm so loving the attention to COLOR on this post! Divine heels, stunning sweater...


B a la Moda said...

Sorry about the weather. Here is cold too and I don´t feel like taking pictures either. However, I liked the way you fight against it with a bunch of colored items. Love the sandals and the mustard sweater. I can not watch the video sice my hB is sleeping. ;)

B* a la Moda

Natalie said...

thanks for the sweet comment, i like the colour in your heels!

Raji said...

The heels are ahhhhmazing, love them, also really like your jumper. Gorgeous colours

the gorgeous said...

I've just found your blog and I really like it! The pics are amazing, and you look stunning! the colour of the jumper is sooo beautiful! and the shoes faboulous! ;)