City Gal Olivia Palermo..

Meet the most despised girl of the city..OLIVIA PALERMO!!
She might be well known as the b***h from the city but at least she's a b***h with style.
Olivia Palermo is a prominent resident of "The City" a spin off reality series of "The Hills". She's probably the most hated girl at the moment but I could careless. Apart from how the show tries to portray her snobbish attitude and all the drama-rama that comes with it, I'm totally stunned by her sense of style.
Being a true New Yorker whom she is, the girl has a great taste in fashion and a very distinct one if I might add. She's obviously very much out and about on being a "social" which kind of explains her style that's very upper east side. In which I would describe as clean, classic and sophisticated.
Having gone through her wide range of outfits, you can most definitely see that her entire wardrobe must be filled with high end brands meaning that they're extremely expensive but who cares like they say if you got it flaunt it...;p

From what I see Ms. Palermo loves her blazer a lot..Who could blame her when its able to make her entire look even more stunning!!

Regardless of all the haters out there I still adore you Ms. Palermo!!

Photos Courtesy of Style.com

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