Row..row..row your boat

This is how I spent my weekend..

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lost at sea??!! Well not exactly...We actually took a trip to Giethoorn known as "Venice of the Netherlands". Trust me its nothing like Venice if you leave out the Gondola ride around town. Hey but I'm not complaining because it was a blast!! Despite the heavy wind, the boat ride was overall the highlight of the entire trip. It was exciting I even got to try steering the boat which wasn't such a good idea 'cause I ended up crashing into another boat...uppss my bad!!

After an hour and a half struggling through the waters, we took a stroll through the town which was mostly filled with private houses complete with their own personal boats. However there were a couple of gift shops, cafe's and a museum. So I do what any typical Indonesians would do enjoyed a hot chocolate and bought souvenirs and postcards for my 2 besties.

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