2013...Bring it on!

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This post is quite long overdue. It should have been up on the blog before Christmas but since I had an early plane to catch and holiday madness thus it had to wait upon my return. So how did you spent the last days of 2012? I spent mine with a bit of a stomach ache. In which I still haven't figured out what it might have been from...could be either food poisoning or stomach flu which I find somewhat surprising considering I have a pretty tough stomach...just my luck I guess!

Moving on to healthier topics, what has particularly changed during the time of being MIA from the blog would probably be my fascination towards skincare and beauty/hair products. I've basically been a bit of a product hoar the past year, thanks to all those beauty guru's! Here's a quick glimpse of my bed time regime...Night cream [prescribed by my dermatologist], Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with avocado, Mario Badescu Drying Lotion, Vaseline Pure Petroleum Jelly and Marks & Spencer Hand Lotion.

I try not to use a lot of products when going to bed simply because I want to give my skin a rest. So after deep cleansing with the Clarisonic, i just slap on those products. The Mario Badescu Drying Lotion has got to be my holy grail when it comes to spot treatment. Since I have oily acne prone skin, it seems that this has been the only product that's able to work instantly. I have to say the only downside would be its packaging, the fact that it's in a glass bottle makes it kind of impossible to travel with.
So what are your bed time regime?


Alissa said...

Oh gosh, I am soooo weird about make up. I am SOOO girly but I rarely wear make up so I always make sure that I take off my mascara and then I am done!

Jlo said...

Kiehl's eye cream works wonders! So it's a must have for me too :D


Milex said...

I think I love you

Coco said...

Hello hun, thank you for dropping by! Neon trend isn't one of my favourites either! At bedtime I carefully remove my makeup, then refresh my skin with a home-made tonic lotion made of chamomile and oil of lavender. To keep the skin moist I use pure Shea butter. It might sound oily and comedogenic, but it's a miracle 100% organic product.Stop by whenever you like,it makes me happy.Are u already following me?If not ,I'd love that!!xx Coco