The Comeback Kid

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Guess who's back? 
Back again???
Shady's back.... 
Tell a friend..... 
*Cue Em's gnarly verse 

Don't worry I'll spare you from my bad rapping and better move on. So what's new? Nothing apparently by the look of this blog...I spent the past year living life beyond the virtual world, as one should. But sometimes reality can suck and a dose of fantasy is much needed. Thus is the purpose of this blog. Call me cray cray but I do consider this blog as some what like my alter ego just like how Beyonce has Sasha Fierce, Bruce Wayne has Batman and even Marshall Mathers aka EMINEM has Slim Shady. Therefore it's quite understandable how others might not approve nor understand  the existence of this blog which is ok....but do note that: this is my fantasy so please get your 'effin reality away from me ;)

More fashion to come....*woot woot*

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putri soe said...

Sometimes reality can suck and everybody needs a dose of fantasy. Yes i agree much of you.

Cheers from Jakarta,