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My first post of 2011.. I question whether this topic is still relevant or not but I would feel terribly guilty if I didn't start off this post by greeting you all a good ol' fashion "Happy New Year!". I rang in the New Year at home stuck with the sniffles which was sort of perfect cause I got the chance to finally catch up on a couple of movies i've been missing out on (ex: Inception anyone?!).
Fashion wise, i've been keeping it easy and casual these days mostly gravitating towards a monochromatic color scheme. it might sound boring but actually makes accessorizing your outfit all the more fun. this time it was blue...i'm considering grey or camel next, let's see how that goes ;P


Anonymous said...

love your shoes!

Trie Diksi said...

i love the shoes, the nail colour, the blue stripes shirt, the denim shorts, the Starbucks cup, everything about this post is lovely! <3

The Spoof.

marlee (eclectiq.MIND*) said...

ahh the shoes, the nail polish ! =) love ur outfit and happy new year ! i've been slacking on the blogging but im back lol .


Iulia Romana said...

Welcome back dear ♥
Inception is one of my favourite movie- i had tons of butterflies in my stomach while watching it !

Oh and this outfit is so georgeous, loving the nailpolish !

Anonymous said...

Great second photo! <3

Melai said...

Hello! I always miss you :) Love your shorts and shoes!! :) Happy new year!

Melai of Style and Soul

Sweet said...

love love the shoes...I am already up to post your feature will message you once it's up babe!!!


Gizelle Faye | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

when in doubt, i go back to neutrals..especially blue...and camel. <3

i love love your wedges! so jealous!

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

cla-sib said...

like your cardi..

xx claudia