Just realized i'm not in wonderland anymore

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Pardon the sudden hiatus, I had to come to terms with the fact that technology hates me. Indeed my laptop is acting up again. Geez..I'm completely technologically challenged so give a poor girl a break! Of course for now, I have to depend upon hijacking someone else's laptop just to give word to all you earthlings that i'm still alive even though I've been under the weather lately :c These pics were meant to be posted awhile back but considering the circumstances it was just not possible. Though I was fortunate enough to salvage them before my laptop decided to give up on me. 

Yes..I'm fully aware that my top is all wrinkly. This is what happens when you have little time yet rather put off ironing for the sake of taking outfit pics..that's just proof of how wise I am folks ;p The skirt I got for a stinking 5 euro..it has a nice print and with that price who needs to think twice. 
Oooohh I really enjoyed reading all your sweet comments, they've certainly lightened up my gloomy days :) Thank you <3


*rachelwears said...

i like the creases and love these two colours together- perfect summer look!

Jing said...

I love how you paired the denim vest/top to that colorful skirt!
denim never goes out with style.
nice outfit! :)

sweet said...

Aww the top is okay...the wrinkled thing added something extra in your outfit!!! love the color of the skirt as well.

hope your laptop gets done and will be finally fixed...

will be waiting for post love

take care gorgeous!!!

Paula said...

Wonderful Outfit. I really like the combination

Mary Jane Girl said...

love love love!
and the outfit in the previous post too!!!
hope you feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

OMG the skirt is very cheep, I would never guess that. It's so beautiful

Anonymous said...

I;ve got the same skirt in B&W. :) you look cute in this outfit.

fhen said...

the print on the skirt is so pretty dear!
me love it :)
oh, you are in business law! that's great! :)
in which semester are you now?


Anonymous said...

Love the color of the skirt, but especially the shoes!

- Laura

Diana said...

that skirt is beautiful on you !

visit/follow me :}


Phoebe Rose said...

Gorgeous skirt! Hope your laptop sorts it out so you can blog again :)


Laura Tenshi said...

Love the color combination. The denim shirt looks even better wrinkled, now it matches the print of your skirt.
Sorry to hear about your laptop, how can this thing happen? At least is summer and you can take your mind of things hanging out by the pool and drinking cocktails

selly octavia said...

I love the outfit!! :)
Really love the skirt.. So cute.. :)

Chasing Cherries said...

Gorgeous outfit and pictures!! Really love the colors of that skirt!

Astriela said...

you skirt is awesome! it's soo summer

sorry about the laptop :(
hope it will get better soon and of course, you too!

Ali said...

Such a cool background and I love the pattern on your skirt pattern how it does that at the end. I hope that your laptop will stop acting up!~ ;_; <3

Silkybow said...

Nice outfit and I like the way you were positioned :D

six-twentytwo-onine said...

the wrinkle on the shirt makes the outfit outstanding. thanks for the comment .. i love your blog
love alisha