Humdrum town...

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On the run..
from this humdrum town!

I really try to avoid talking about myself but I have no where else to vent but here. Yes Lilo, I can finally sing-a-long to your tune..
"I'm tired of rumors starting..Why can't they back up off me..Can you please respect my privacy!"
Rumors!! it amazes me how easily people eat it up..what makes it even worse is the nerves of those who ignorantly starts spreading them out without even bothering to get their facts straight first. What is this? Some sick soap opera? well uh uh, I refuse to take part in such drama circus. Seriously, I could careless whatever nice reasoning they use to justify their actions..call me cynical cause I don't buy it! So how does one best handle this? Beats me! I'm not a confrontational person..I'd prefer to keep my silence and not address it whatsoever. It might not be the best solution but if reaction is what they're looking for, then why bother giving them that satisfaction? Just so they can have more to talk about? I'm way better than that..I'd rather just stay refined and elegant and let them all fall to the wayside.

Enough of me bitchin' out, let's just move on to a less annoying matter. So I was never really on board with the whole denim on denim craze. Nothing against it but it was just too much denim for me or so I thought it was. Of course that was until I had an epiphany from the great fashion gods where I discovered my new found love towards denim. It's quite funny how I used to consider pairing them together as a big no no in my book to actually not being able to get enough of it now..oh the irony! I guess you have to be more open minded in trying out new things when it comes to fashion =)

** My internet has been acting up these past weeks so I apologize if I haven't been able to reply any of your emails or comments but i'll do so in a jiffy once everything's working properly...have a pleasant week!


Tenshi Style said...

Omg,the same thing happened to me with denim I use to hate it and no one understood me.But,these days I've been wearing a denim vest a lot and I am on the lookout for a denim dress.Your denim shirt is also very appealing to me right now :) People's minds are the most abstract things in the world right?Talking about people's minds...rumours..don't get me started on that because you will never see the end of it.Like you said,I care a lot about my privacy and seeing someone trying to get things out of me just so they have something to gossip about with their friends make me sick.Not to mention they always make up thing about you when you ignore them and mind your own business...PEOPLE ...

Leah said...

Just stay away from those negative bitches... they will just pull you down. And don't waste your precious time worrying about them, they really want that to happen so the best way is to ignore them. That is the best revenge.

You look great in your double denim outfit. xoxo

Melissa said...

LOVE the denim on denim! awesome chair haha!
thanks so much for the comment!

Diane said...

I love that chair!!! I once had some high heeled boots in that material and color and everybody was looking weird at them, but I felt so good :))


Nathalie Kartika Putri said...

gorgeous denim top :)
and i adore your bangle sooo much
check out my blog :))


Anonymous said...

nice shoot.:)
and wow love your last photo.hehe:D

btw,thanks for ur wished to me.hope i win too! :D
and u in Holland? wow.


Anonymous said...

Just relax and stay positive love...get rid of those negative vibes....

denim is still hot...take care

thanks for dropping by at my blog...

much love,

Pixie Dust said...

The best ever silver sofa :))
If you have the time, come check out my blog, I think you'll like it :)) Also, there's a giveaway going on at my blog now, I hope you join :))

giveaway: http://fraupixiedust.blogspot.com/2010/05/my-first-giveaway-make-up.html

Have a great day hon :))

Julls said...

The chiar is great ! And,as a coincidence,the outfit I've just prepared for tomorrow it's simlar to yours,you'll see if you'll check my blog :)

Huuuuugs dear !

A N A S T A S Y A said...

I love your bangle babe, match with those disco-a-billie couch!!

Aimee said...

i love this outfit! im following!

Gizelle | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

i totally understand your sentiment...
i hate it when people complain all the time..and talk about people like they're better than the rest of us...it just irks me too much!

anyway, i am loving the denim on denim look on you...when i actually saw these pictures, i told my sis, "i have to buy a new pair of pants..."hehe.

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

Karolina said...

I like your shirt and futuristic bangle,
kisses hun

projectvee said...

cool bangle :)

and try not to worry about what people say! i know it's easier said than done. i struggle with the same thing.

Eva Silviana said...

I really love your top and bangle :)

Amber said...

Col pics, lovely outfit!

vdcouture said...

OMG i love all the shoots in this picts. love the futuristic look!
love, vdcouture

libys11 said...

that chambray top is love love love!! :D

Animated Confessions

La Jodi3 & La Couture said...

im obsessed w the bracelet u are wearing... it's beautiful