Burnt beneath the rising sun

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Talk about global chaos! Hopefully none of you are stranded in some airport or have family/friends who are..The aftermath of Iceland's volcanic eruption has certainly screwed a number of people over but let's just all hope that the clouds of dark ashes will soon clear up, so that everyone can get to their respective destination safe and sound. Despite the whole talk of eruptions and ashes over the past few days, the weather out here has been quite the opposite for me. It was nothing but clear blue skies all through the week which i'm pretty sure tempted a bunch of us to spend more time outdoors..now if only it was a bit warmer though ;P
On another note, I caught a glimpse of the funeral service of Polish President Lech Kaczynski and his wife earlier today. It was a beautiful ceremony. May the President and first lady including all other victims of the plane crash rest in peace.


Leah said...

Lovely photos... love the effect. Have a great week ahead! xoxo

daisychain said...

amazing shirt!

Fian said...

hi dear.. :)
long time no visit your blog,,
sorry because i also didn't update my blog too, >.<

love your unique t-shirt.. :)
and talking about iceland's volcanic eruption, just hope everything will be fine soon.. and pray for Poland's President and his 1st lady too, wish them rest in peace..

phie emotions.

Martwa Marta said...

you look fantastic - i am a pink floyd fan as well!
the information about the vulcanic eruption really sucks - i am following the ashes tray, and it seems that it is above poland now!

Meilinda said...

you look great as always.
love that shirt!

Briana Le & Merissa Ren said...

iceland :(

also i love these shoes. also are the h&m ones still in stock?

♥Mimi said...

Your photos always look so professional! I love your outfit.

It's terrible about that volcano.

Diane said...

That t-shirt is such a statement piece!!

have a fun day!


Sarah said...

Thank you for the lovely comment dear =) Get yourself down to Primark for my blazer!
A lovely blog you have here. You have inspirational style.
Hope to hear from you soon. x


Sjaar said...

beautiful shirt.

Sara Hilmars said...

love your shirt! :)

Jess said...

Yeah that volcano caused all kinds of problems for me and my friends but its all good now! It made me sad that they weren't sure how many people could make the funeral services but it seems like it worked out well in the end. Love the graphic t girl :)

Sarah said...

Awesome outfit! That shirt is fantastic!! xx

shoeless simone said...

Love your shirt!

-Shoeless Simone