Tonight i'm not taking no calls...

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...'cause i'll be dancing!

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I'm heading out of town with the fam for New Year's..what better way to spend it right? Hope your 2009 was a memorable one and I wish you all an even better year ahead..Happy New Years!!
Remember to be safe and don't party too hard :)
'til we meet again in 2010!!


Pia said...

awesome photos! love your mask! hope you have a good new years :)

GRICIA said...

i also want to dance!!!but still dont have any plan for tonight.sigh

A N A S T A S Y A said...

lovely masquerade mask!!!! and your bangles too!!

happy new year dear


Violet said...

you look fab i love the outfit and the shoes

hope you have fun on new years

thanks for the comment visit anytime

Vi from Cali

Anonymous said...

I love your photos and I soo love your room...the bed sheets and furry stuff...so chic!!!! I guess its time to make my room a little bit chic and not so childish hehehehe!!!

Thank you for dropping by my blog...

Happy new year!


yiqin; said...

Very nice belt :)

AudreyAllure said...

have a happy new years! lovely outfit :)

Vintage Me New You said...

You look so so pretty:)
Have fun dancing then!


Silvestre said...

Dress is perfect!
And I'll dance too :)

Kallie said...

ohmygod, that mask! happy new year!

Nathalie said...

Wishing you a wonderful New Year's Eve
Great mask! :)

Clochette said...

I love love love the Belt, so cute!

M. said...

love your blog! and your outfit is so cute!
happy new year :)


Astérisque said...

happy new year!

Imogen said...

Stunning pictures and I love your blog. Happy New Year and I hope 2010 is happy and successful for you.

Nathalie said...

Love your heels!
Going to follow you, hope you to with me!
Happy new year!

Aimee said...

beautiful photos, happy new year!


B a la Moda said...

Love your outfit! The accessories are all great. I can´t believe you took all these pictures in a bathroom. They are so pretty. How do you do it?

B* a la Moda

Lexy @ Quirky Explosion said...

Hope YOU didn't party too hard! ;) Love the photos, especially that mask - fantastic touch!

Happy New Year!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

marshmellowness said...

happy new year to you! adorable outfit!

The Stylewise said...

Wow. Nice Look. Love your mask sweetheart!

And nice style!

Check out your blog, in my list 'The Sartorialist People' hihihi..

Nice Blog.
Wanna exchange link? hummm, btw, i'm stella, from bold romance. thhis is my second blogger. Wish you link me! :D :D

The Stylewise

anna bu said...

the jacket is great!!
happy new year

annabu :)

iheartvintagex said...

Really really love the mask!! :) ♥

Delilah Winter Wolf said...

great pictures! i specially love the 1st one! i havea crush on any kind of masks :D

happy new year you too ^^ and thanks for leaving me a comment :)

monica w said...

love love love your mask!!!

happpy new years!!!

all the best in 2010 :)

monica w said...

love love love your mask

HAPPY NEW YEAR! all the best in 2010!!

beautifulnemo said...

the mask is so cool:)

hope you had a great night and 2o1o will be great for you:)
love your blog and your pics, added you to my blogroll!


tailorstitch said...

great pics, hope you had fun :)

Lisa said...

Cute pics! And love the mask, that masquerade feeling is awesome!

Happy New Year for you too, hope you've had a nice time :D

Julia said...

I love your outfit and your mask! For some reason I have been dying to have a masquerade ball :)


Queen of Mayhem said...

I adore the mask! it really goes with the belt!

happy new year :)

Rogue said...

I love these photos, theyre so dreamy. What kind of camera do you use? And do you edit much? Youre such a gorgeous wee thing! :) Awesome blog. Thanks for the kind comment on mines xx

Tayler said...

Cute blog! love the mask and shoes!