I'm back....

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what a terrible blogger I've been!!! I mean really...gone missing for a month!
well here's an update for all you readers out there (whoever you are..if any..;P)
+ yes I'm still alive and well...
+ I've been busy with fall cleaning (if there is such thing) and some packing..
Turns out to be a lot of hard work and since I'm very detailed when it comes to the state of my belongings it makes it twice the work and time...booohooo!!
+ I'm such a hoarder..I've come to realize that I love to collect junks and so got plenty of them stashed in my room..Luckily I stumbled upon a few pieces that I totally forgot about, some of which are still wearable..
+ It so happens that making time to rearrange your wardrobe is such a nice therapy..you know the feeling when you have days where you don't have anything to wear?? well as I was cleaning out my closet it seriously made me think why in the world would that even come across my mind. I know it was probably a spur of the moment but I've got a bunch of clothes some I literally haven't even worn yet. But why do I still feel the need to go out and shop?? Is it the rush we thrive from shopping or simply the pleasure we get being able to own a particular item?? oh well who knows..all I'm aware of is that I'm lacking major closet space at the moment for that I need to cut down on shopping and be more creative in the art of "mix and match"..wish me luck on this one =D
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OK so enough with all the rambling..Did anyone happen to see the latest episode of "The Amazing Race" last Sunday??
well it so happens that one of its destination was a little town I'm currently residing in..seriously like where was I when all the action went down!! I completely LOVE The Amazing Race and has high hopes to someday be a part of it which I consider to be very unlikely..so obviously it would've been nice to be able to see the action live in person..I know it sounds pathetic 'rite haha..


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nice dress !

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oh thank you so much dear^^
love the top

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welcome back! I love the print of that dress!

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Nice dress!! .D