Desperate times call for desperate measures

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

These pictures are hideous...I know!! They're out of focus, slightly blurry etc etc..Well the thing is my oh so awesome photographer/friend and I have parted ways meaning there will be no one I can count on for pictures anymore booohooo..In order to get the job done obviously I could only rely upon myself and my stubborn tripod..
Honestly I don't know how you other bloggers do it!! It seriously takes hard work and patience..It practically took me about 3 hours just to set and adjust the camera..As you can see, the result is far from perfect..
Unfortunately I guess these will have to do for now..At least until I've mastered the proper use of a camera and tripod..or quite possibly managed to find someone who can fill the vacant spot haha..[not likely]
Perhaps any of you got tips on self-picture taking maybe?? well I'm all ears...=D


Alita Claudia said...

i know, ive use tripod and .. the image was so so BAD. anyway, love ur boyf jeans, so cool!

Paula said...

Thanks for ur comment! your blog ist awesome I really like your pictures!


Hayley said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog!
I love this outfit - even if the picture is slightly out of focus.
Yes, self timer is annoying. I enlist my sister (who is really into photography) when I can but since I've left home, this is rather difficult!


Carrie said...

Cute outfit. I really like your jeans and vest.

Ann said...

great outfit!

simone! said...

I wish I could give you some self-taking photo tips, but really, I just set my camera so there's no flash, set it to timer, stick it on my tripod, and wish for the best. Hee! ♥
Anywhoodles, lovely outfit right here.