Channeling Olivia Palermo

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I was browsing through my laptop and so happen to stumble upon an old picture of Olivia Palermo which I've used before on a previous post. For those who aren't familiar with her, you can find out more about her in my old post.
well no doubt about it I ultimately adore her sense of style..she always looks very well-put together yet still fashionable..so in order to amuse myself I have decided to do something different with this post and made an attempt to channel her chic style..
I know.. a bit daring isn't it?! [haha..]
Honestly it was quite tricky considering that she tends to lavishly dress herself with high end designs while I, on the other hand, had to work with what I've got laying in my closet.
Oh well..it was certainly fun though playing dress up =D
any celebs/models/style icons etc. etc. that you would like to daringly channel??

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Jess said...

Oh I love this - you've nailed it!

fashion westie said...

That is indeed a good doppleganging of the outfit. Where is the top (?) and belt from?

I'd love to try a Gaga, a Roison Murphy, a Daphne and a Lezark...possibly cool outfits, but prob the result would be more embarrassing myself than blog worthy.

michelle_ said...

nice interpretation!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, this is almost identical to Olivia's. Killer job darling!!

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comment on my outfit. I adore your blog and am completely in love with your style. DEF a follower.



Indy said...

How interesting! I love the shoulder detailing! You totally rock this look!

Andie said...

cute dress, looks almost exactly like the one that olivia palermo is wearing, nice!



She is so beautiful, but you are more than her!
I love your blog, such a great inspiration!

thanks so much for being around!

hannah elizabeth said...

ooh those sleeves are amazing - love your take on the outfit xx

Isabel said...

Love it! Especially that belt...its so funky.


Juliet said...

That looks so great!

juliet xxx

Melissa~ said...

LOve how you look!!
That dress is awesome.
Thanks for visit my blog!

Violet said...

Very on point! i like the way you did it

Vi from Cali

Lexy @ Quirky Explosion said...

I love how you were able to translate the high-fashion design into a wearable look in your own closet! The sleeves are fabulous.

I love channeling my inner Blair Waldorf (style wise, that is!) any day!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

E said...

YOu channeled her look so fabulously!

Teresia Mega Oktafianti said...

nice job dear...


English Rose said...

ahh you have the look down!! fab job and i bet your outfit was several thousands cheaper =]


superniko. said...

oh wow, i love your belt, and your clutch :D

Phyllis said...

love it -- you got it down to a tee. although i like your belt better =)

Julia said...

I love olivia! You channeled her style perfectly.


Anonymous said...

So cute!I like that you can mix the clouths like her!

Sherin said...

Amazingly done. You got the look perfectly.

Valeriesoh said...

I love your smile! you look just like her!!! hooray!!!!!

how was your weekend?

Anonymous said...

You look beautiful!!

yiqin; said...

So damn pretty :)

Becca said...

oh! I love her style and you look great is a perfect outfit :)

Anonymous said...

great personal translation of her look
love it
thanks for sharing
and thanks for the sweet comments

check out my blog @

indigotangerine said...

these are both excellent. I love the wonderful shoulder detailing, you did a great job.

Niki B. said...

wow you did an awesome job, you look great! and I LOVE olivia's style too. definitely a style crush.
x Niki

monica w said...

absolutely LOVE olivia p!!!

u look fabulousss!!

Anonymous said...

OH! I think you did a lovely jov channeling Ms. PAlermo's style. You look very chic and put together. Well done! :)


Faridah said...

You look amazing! You really made this look your own. I love it.

The Owl's Closet said...

u look great! love how u chanelled olivia's style:D awesome job! i agree, she always looks so well put together and chic. are u a fan of the city? i must admit, it's my guilty pleasure hehe:D


Stain On My Red Shoes said...

wow!!! you look so dashing. seriously, i am in awe to see you in the dress. you absolutely did a wonderful job channeling palermo!

dotie said...

i'm just glad i did justice channeling her style :)
thanks a bunch for the lovely comments!