Meet Miroslava Duma..

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Don't be fooled by her appearance..She might look all tiny and cute but she's a force to be reckon with..This 24 year old started her career in fashion at Harper's Bazaar Russia and is currently a contributor to various Russian magazines.
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Judging by her style you can tell that she likes to play around with fashion. A lot might say that she seems indecisive on what her style is and looks very costumey at times..but I actually like that side of her. It shows that she's very versatile and doesn't take fashion too seriously. Aside from the fact that she's well known to wear only expensive pieces, plain and simple I just think the girl has great style.
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+channeling Edie Bouvier Beale+

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pictures courtesy of TFS & the sartorialist


INBERT StreetStyle said...

so inspiring.... Wanna exchange links??? I've linked you.


dotie said...

sure..why not..
I've linked you also..

Stain On My Red Shoes said...

don't you just envy her? i certainly do....

dotie said...

young and stylish..who wouldn't?