I'm not much of a Trekkie [Trekker] nor have I ever even seen the original star trek series. Well maybe except for Star Trek: The next generation that I may have watch a couple of times as a kid growing up. From the reviews that I've heard so far apparently the movie is a big hit and it made me quite curious. In response to all this hype on how good the movie is I decided to check it out. And was I surprised..it was actually pretty damn good!!!

I know that the story line for the movie is different to anything that's been brought up in the original series but the special effects and the cast did a tremendous job. It was exciting and funny which was great. I mean who doesn't love humor right??

Chekov and Spock has got to be my personal fave. Even though I had to try really hard to erase the image of SYLAR in my head a couple of times. I'm also glad that Nimoy was able to take part in the movie. It was amazing seeing him play Spock again no doubt he has so much charisma in him. Definitely one of the hottest movie this summer...

Well I'm off now and as Mr. Spock would say "live long and prosper" ;P

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